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Re-Verber-Ray Unit Heater Parts

Our line of separated combustion unit heaters features a compact, aesthetically pleasing construction. And our gas-fired unit heaters offer an option where infrared heating is not practical due to ceiling heights, clearances to combustibles or building use



RE-VERBER-AIR FA SERIES – 100MBH Model Version 11/15 to Present

Common Components

Part Description

Part Number

Mounting Rail (2 Required) UF-121
Transformer UF-326
Indicator Light UF-327
Natural Gas Valve UF-400
Propane Gas Valve UF-410
Flame Sensor UF-421
Limit Switch, Flame Rollout UF-422
Limit Switch, Tube Temperature UF-425
Spark Igniter UF-550
Spark Igniter Wire UF-551
Spark Igniter Boot UF-552
Ignition Control Circuit Board UF-553
Wire Harness UF-554
Inducer Motor Assembly UF-603
Pressure Switch UF-642
Burner UF-702
Louver UF-2113A
Louver Winglets (Set of 2, Left and Right) UF-251A