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Our Infrared Radiant Heat Services

At Great Lakes Radiant, our team of factory-trained infrared radiant heat experts will work alongside you from start to finish. From the pre-construction phases of new projects to retrofits for existing buildings, we provide the technical expertise you need to get the job done right. We have this down to a science and are willing to share our knowledge with you! See below for the various infrared radiant heat services we offer.

Heat Loss Calculations

With our advanced radiant specific heat loss calculating technique, we ask you a series of questions and gather data about the space you are trying to heat. After plugging in the numbers and determining approximately how many BTUs you’ll need to heat the space, the next step is to discuss possible heater quantity and layout options.

Design/Layout Services

A scaled layout is the best way to visualize how our heating units will fit into your space. Layouts require special considerations such as heat dispersion (coverage), venting options (wall or roof), thermostat placement, gas hookup, and more. We continue to ask questions and gather data during this step to ensure the layout makes sense from both a user-comfort and installation standpoint.

Mobile Experts for In-Person Site Surveys

If you are located near a Great Lakes Radiant office, our experts will walk alongside you onsite to discuss your project and our infrared radiant heat services in person. During these visits we will take dimensions and measurements using a laser tool, ask detailed questions about the building and how it’s used, and note any obstacles that could make design or installation difficult.

Virtual Site Surveys

Sometimes it’s just easier and faster to do a site survey using a smartphone or tablet. If you are able to use Zoom in the space you are trying to heat, schedule a virtual site survey with us today!

Other Services

Technical/troubleshooting support

About 90% of technical assistance calls are handled by Great Lakes Radiant directly. Our factory trained employees can assist in diagnosing technical issues and prescribing the replacement part to fix the issue. If the issue requires further assistance, we will get in touch with the factory and conference all parties together or have them speak with you directly.

Consulting Services

Building owners, architects, engineers, facilities managers, and many others sometimes just want to speak with someone about their project to figure out what is the best solution for their space. We will consult with you and determine if radiant heat is a good fit; if not, we will steer you in a different direction with honesty and transparency.

Engineering Presentations

Our staff offers continuing education credits (PDH credits) for engineers wanting to learn more about designing effective heating systems for large, open spaces. Presentations typically last 30 to 60 minutes and can be tailored to specific industries or applications. This is a great way to learn more about the theory, design, and safety principles when designing infrared radiant heating systems.

Rebate Assistance

Many energy suppliers offer rebates for LED Lighting or Infrared Radiant Heat upgrades, retrofits, or new construction projects. Our staff can help determine your eligibility for rebates and assist with the paperwork and supporting documentation needed. If your electric, natural gas, or propane provider is offering free money, ask for our help getting it in your wallet!

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