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Heating solutions by Detroit Radiant Products offer versatile choices for heating your space. Re-Verber-Ray infrared radiant tube heaters, high intensity ceramic heaters, and Designer Series patio heaters have innovative upgrade options with an array of accessories to choose from. Using features like U-bends and 90 degree turns, angle mounts to strategically throw heat, protective grilles and more, these systems are designed with an inventive mind to produce the desired result for your project. Infrared radiant heat is the preferred heating solution for just about any application and we can design and layout a system to fit any need!

Car Wash Heating

Achieve freeze protection for your car wash equipment with the specialty DX2 and HL2 Series lines of Re-Verber-Ray harsh environment heating systems. These units come with a stainless steel, sealed burner box and optional stainless steel upgrade for tubes and reflectors to further protect against damage from water and chemicals. We also offer intake and exhaust accessories to seal these units from corrosion. Explore the DR Series for spot heating employees at the entrance or exit. Click here to read more on our blog.

Warehouse Heating

Remove the complications of heating around overhead obstacles in your warehouse with Re-Verber-Ray radiant heat. Designed for versatility, these systems can be constructed with 90 degree turns or in u-tube configurations to avoid things like pallet racks, forklifts, overhead cranes and more while still achieving the desired heat goal. If your warehouse has loading docks, see below for more information on effectively heating those areas too!

Airplane Hangar Heating

Re-Verber-Ray low intensity radiant heaters are the best method for heating airplane hangars because they bypass heating the air and instead radiate heat directly to the floor, just like the sun. These heaters easily adhere to the ANSI/NFPA 409 regulation due to their design flexibility so you don’t have to worry about damage to the aircraft. Two stage (HL3 Series) or fully modulating (MP Series) units are preferred such that when the big door opens the system will fire at full blast and recover faster, for optimal fuel efficiency AND comfort.

Pole Barn Heating

Take your pole barn to the next level by upgrading to a more efficient way of heating. Pole barn owners increasingly agree that radiant heat is an inventive solution to providing comfortability in their space. Producing almost no noise and with virtually no air movement, Re-Verber-Ray radiant heaters are a great solution for woodworking or welding shops and event venues alike. You won’t mind spending extra time in the shop thanks to these heaters. Click here to read more on our blog.

Manufacturing Facility Heating

Put the heat right where it’s needed to keep employees in your manufacturing facility warm. From standard push tube infrared radiant heaters to the HLV Series factory engineered vacuum systems, Re-Verber-Ray brings the heat. Cut heating costs while increasing employee satisfaction along assembly lines. These infrared radiant heating systems can be configured to avoid equipment obstacles in both smaller factories and factory floors with a million plus square feet.

Heating for Firehouses

Things can change quickly in a firehouse, but Re-Verber-Ray infrared radiant heaters will respond immediately! A rush of cold air when fire trucks are entering or exiting the bays will mean a tough to heat space. A gas-fired dual stage infrared radiant heater can recover the heat quickly by responding with its “high-fire” mode. Additionally, these heaters are designed to be adaptable without losing functionality, so the system will fit nearly any space.

Loading Dock Heating

Loading docks have frequent air changes and can be notoriously difficult to keep warm. Re-Verber-Ray DR Series Infrared Radiant High Intensity Ceramic Heaters blast radiant energy to spot heat shipping and receiving areas of your warehouse. Another effective option is Low Intensity Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters in shorter u-tube configurations. No matter your choice, Re-Verber-Ray radiant heat has you covered.

Horse Arena Heating

The science behind radiant heat makes Re-Verber-Ray low intensity radiant heaters a superb choice for horse arenas, which have many obstacles to overcome including elaborate watering systems and excessive dust circulating in the air. There are special considerations for horse arenas, so we recommend speaking with one of our experts directly. Ride comfortably through the winter with a custom designed heating system from Great Lakes Radiant. Click here to read more on our blog.

Heating for Sports Venues

Do you want to heat the full court for team practice or focus heat on fans in the stands? Either way, Re-Verber-Ray heaters are the perfect choice for basketball courts, indoor tennis courts, ice hockey arenas, and more! While many sports venues are spending top dollar on pricey rooftop air handlers, an increasing number of sports arenas are installing high efficient radiant heating systems at a fraction of the cost.

Patio Heaters for Residences, Restaurants, and Patios

Use your outdoor space more often with a smart investment in radiant heat. Re-Verber-Ray Designer Series decorative patio heaters are stylish and built Detroit tough to create a cozy entertaining space with effective gas-fired or electric outdoor heating. Residential and restaurant patios, country clubs, outdoor casino gaming areas, and upscale driving ranges are examples of applications where these heaters fit in seamlessly.

Outdoor Heating

Re-Verber-Ray infrared radiant heaters offer a wide variety of solutions for outdoor heating. From spot heating to outdoor commercial areas, our gas-fired and electric radiant heaters can get the job done. Great Lakes Radiant assesses the application by examining exposure to the elements, mounting options, and more to provide the best recommendation for your project. Make your outdoor space warm and comfortable by installing an American made heater by Detroit Radiant Products.

Heating for Auto Shops

Mechanic shops using forced air have a hard time keeping up with the air changes since the garage doors open often and warm air simply rushes outside. This is why low intensity tube heaters by Re-Verber-Ray are the perfect solution, using the concrete floor and tools to absorb the heat and prevent massive heat loss when the doors open. Single or two stage heaters are able to provide whole building heat or spot heat work areas in an economical and smart way. Stop working in a cold shop and let Great Lakes Radiant work with you to find a solution. Read more on our blog.

Residential Garage Heating

Between Re-Verber-Air gas-fired forced air unit heaters and the low clearance, low profile Re-Verber-Ray residential certified radiant tube heaters, Great Lakes Radiant has a solution to heat your attached or detached garage! The LS3 and LD3 lines of tube heaters are available as short as 10 feet and offer low mounting height options, making them safe to provide comfort at home. The low-profile UH Series of forced air unit heaters is another option, and fits stylishly out of the way in your garage. Easy to install and efficient, you can’t go wrong with a garage heater from Detroit Radiant Products.

Maintenance Shops and Municipal Facility Heating

When a large vehicle enters a garage during the winter, it brings a burst of cold air and acts like a frigid ice block chilling the space. Similar to the sun heating the earth, a low intensity infrared radiant heater from Detroit Radiant Products’ Re-Verber-Ray line quickly fires thousands of BTUs into the facility. The concrete floor and the items in the space act as heat sinks, absorbing and re-radiating the heat back into the space, a much more efficient heating process versus pumping hot air into a municipal facility. The amount of air changes in a maintenance shop makes radiant heat the logical choice. We offer heaters certified for use in Compressed Natural Gas Facilities (CNG Facilities) too!

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