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Re-Verber-Lyt brand LED lighting offers innovative, energy-saving lighting solutions.

Our LED bay lighting products let you vastly reduce energy and maintenance costs while adding a new level of controllability and ease of integration into building management systems.

Featured Products

LYT Premier Series A

The LYT Premier Series is designed for factories, warehouses, retail, architectural lighting and much more! The unique optical design focuses light downward to where it is needed while at the same time, maximizing up-light to create a more open feel to your spaces.

LYT Standard Series A

Reduce energy costs with our economical LYT Standard Series. This compact fixture allows for various mounting options so you can focus light where it is needed in commercial and industrial applications.

LYT Value Series A

The Re-Verber-Lyt High Bay LED light is designed for illumination of industrial locations. It uses the latest in solid state lighting (SSL) technology for long life, low maintenance, and high efficiency. The unique optical design focuses light downward to where it is needed, giving improved efficiency over a conventional HID luminaire.

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