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What Materials Are Used In Tube Heaters?

Infrared radiant tube heaters are a simple, straight forward product. The theory behind how the system works is easy to understand and the excellent results speak for themselves. However, digging into the details of each unit’s construction is a great way to gather knowledge. In fact, considering the materials used to manufacture these systems will […]

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What Is A Modulating Tube Heater?

Introduction This month’s Great Lakes Radiant spotlight is the MP Series. Though the MP Series might look like any other low-intensity gas-fired tube heater, it’s what’s on the inside that really makes the difference! Performance Modes This Modulating Plus low-intensity gas-fired tube heater has multiple performance modes to choose from. The Comfort Mode allows the […]

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Can Radiant Heat Be Used In A Car Wash?

Introduction Did you know that Great Lakes Radiant & Industrials sells both fully and partially stainless-steel Re-Verber-Ray gas-fired tube heaters made by Detroit Radiant Products? Let’s explore some information for using these in a car wash application. Fully Stainless There are two primary choices for a stainless-steel system: the DX2 single-stage and the HL2 two-stage […]

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Best Way To Heat My Garage?

Introduction Unlike many competitors, we offer a residential tube heater that can be placed in your attached garage. We strictly abide by the industry standard that allows a fully functional gas-fired infrared tube heater for your garage. The CSA Design Certification is essential as a safety precaution with residential type heaters. Re-Verber-Ray, by Detroit Radiant […]

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How Do Radiant Heaters Look?

Introduction Detroit Radiant Products manufactures a wide selection of infrared tube heaters for a variety of applications. The first terms that come to mind when thinking of industrial heating equipment may not be “modern and sleek” or “aesthetically appealing.” But that’s what is so pleasently surprising about Detroit Radiant’s lineup. Great Lakes Radiant and Industrials […]

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Ohio Warehouse Update

Ahead of the coming cold winter season, Great Lakes Radiant’s Ohio office has installed a few displays in the warehouse. These displays are a testament to the power of infrared heating. Ken Friedrich, our Ohio infrared expert, has four units hung neatly in the warehouse. These displays include a DX3L-20-50, a DR30-NFS 120, a UH75, […]

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