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TP-55A (Fan/Blower)


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Part # Alt Part # Description Shipping Method
7021-6745 3326758, 1FYA9 Fan/Blower UPS or USPS
Notes Used On Voltage Gas Type

Same motor as TP-55, higher efficiency, different wheel (Fergas type wheel).

The TP-55 cannot substitute the TP-55A fan blower.

DTH(S)-2 40-100, DTH(S)-2 40-100, DTH(S)-2 40-100, DTH/S-2 125,150, DTH(S)-3 125, DTH(S)-3 150, HL, HL-2, HL2, HL3, DX, DX2, DX3, XTS, XTS3, DET, DET3, DES, DES3, LD, LS-40, LS-50, CL, CX, RVA, RVA2, AG1, AG2, RH 120V N / A