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Re-Verber-Ray Portable Heater Parts

Our portable infrared heaters are designed for commercial outdoor construction areas or inside areas under construction. They are ideal when temporary heat is required or where a permanent energy source is not available. Our portable construction heater, high-intensity heaters typically mount on top of a 20-lb., 10-inch base LP tank.


Model P16T Components
Part Description

Part Number

Rayhead Assembly P-101
Rods P-102
Reflector Assembly P-105
Outer Heater Casing P-107
Propane Orifice Spud P-109P
Natural Gas Orifice Spud P-109N
LP Gas Valve (assembled with all fittings) P-126
Natural Gas Valve (assembled with all fittings) P-128
Model P32T Components
Part Description

Part Number

Rayhead Assembly P-103
Rods P-104
Reflector Assembly P-106
Outer Heater Casing P-108
Propane Orifice Spud P-110P
Natural Gas Orifice Spud P-110N
LP Gas Valve (assembled with all fittings) P-125
Natural Gas Valve (assembled with all fittings) P-127
Core Components
Part Description

Part Number

Orifice Fittings P-110B
Orifice Spud Mounting Bracket P-111
Safety Gas Valve – 1/8″ MPT x 1/8″ FPT* P-112B
90° Flared Tube Fitting – 3/8″ O.D. x 1/8″ FPT x 1/8″ NPT P-113A
Thermocouple for Safety Valve** P-114B
Thermocouple Mounting Clip for P-112A* & P-114** P-115
Cylinder Mounting Bracket P-118
Thumbscrew w/Shoulder, 3/8-16 P-119
Natural Gas Regulator – Set 6.0″ W.C.P. P-122
Hose Assembly & Regulator P-123A

* P-112A for replacement on heaters manufactured prior to 10/03, P-112B post 10/03.
** P-114B thermocouple is only compatible with the P-112B gas valve.


Hardware Components Part List

Image Description Price
10-Kit SSKAO
10 Foot Full 4" Stainless Steel Tube Heater Mounting Kit
Model Number P-16T Portable Heater Rods for P-101 rayhead
Stainless Steel Rods for Model NO. P-32T heater
Reflector Assembly for Portable Heater Model P-16T
Reflector Assembly for Model No. P-32T
Outer Heater Casing for Portable Heater Model Number P-16T
Outer Casing for Model P-32T
Heater Orifice Spud mounting Bracket
90 degree flared tube fitting
Thermocouple clip for P-112A and P-114B.
Cylinder mounting bracket
Plastic Thumbscrew