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Are Tube Heaters Easy To Install?

Are tube heaters easy to install? The answer is, YES!

Thanks to remarkably straightforward instruction manuals and a design that is simple yet powerful enough to heat large spaces, infrared radiant tube heaters are a snap to install.

Instruction manuals included with your heater explain everything you need to know from mounting heights, clearances to combustibles, how to appropriately vent your heater and more. Only two things require expert help–electrical and fuel work. Great Lakes Radiant recommends partnering with a trusted local provider to install the electric and gas lines that will feed the infrared heater. We can even suggest service providers within our terrorities who are experienced with the Re-Verber-Ray line by Detroit Radiant Products.

Take a look at the video below from the Shorebilly Farmer, who recently purchased an infrared heater from us. His installation wrap up is a solid look at what it takes to install a Re-Verber-Ray infrared heater.

Thank you to Richard Addis Jr., the Shorebilly Farmer, for featuring our Re-Verber-Ray infrared heaters in this video and for giving us a shout out at the end!

Want to learn more about how a Re-Verber-Ray infrared heater (made by Detroit Radiant Products in, you guessed it, Detroit!)? Contact us at 888-501-0252 or email us at [email protected] for more information.