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Why LED Lights?

Infrared radiant tube heaters provide an efficient means of heating large spaces. The performance of these units alone will save customers on energy consumption while keeping their spaces comfortably warm. In addition to the cost savings found with infrared tube heaters, consumers will find that LED lights will also save them money while operating efficiently.

Previously in this space, we’ve covered market research highlighting the benefits of replacing outdated, incandescent lighting with LED lights from Re-Verber-Lyt, now Lumerica. You can review that discussion here.

There has never been a better time to consider LED Lights for your space. In addition to providing bright, long lasting light, they are easy to install as a replacement to exisiting fixture. Additionally, LED lights pair well with infrared radiant tube heaters as a product that will complete your industrial or commercial space.

Not surprisingly, the discovery process for selecting an infrared tube heater is similar to selecting LED lights. The initial question with lighting is an obvious one: how bright should the space be? Lumerica has a helpful LED lighting Calculator on their website to help get this conversation started.

Once that question has been answered the process moves to product selection. Lumerica’s fixtures can be installed in a wide range of applications including parking garages, sports venues, retail establishments, warehouses, office space, and more. Lumerica’s light fixtures come in a range of watts, from as low as 24 watts to as high as 240 watts. Product selection also will determine how many light fixtures a space needs in order to be well lit.

These steps follow a similar path as the steps for identifying which infrared radiant tube heater is right to heat a particular application. With Re-Verber-Ray tube heaters, once the amount of heat needed in a space is determined, the next step is product selection. During this process a layout is considered so heaters are placed correctly to achieve the maximum heat efficiency for the space. The same can be said for lighting. Once the correct number of lumens is determined for space, the number of fixtures is selected and applied to the layout.

There are several reasons why Lumerica’s LED lights are the right choice:

  • Light Output. Lumerica builds LED products to meet industry specifications, and in many cases can easily retrofit existing fixtures to match existing light output.
  • Modular Components. Lumerica fixtures are manufactured with modular, readily replaceable components which means lower operating costs compared to most LED fixtures.
  • Easy Installation. Lumerica products are designed to be installed like traditional fixtures, using industry-standard mounts and housings. They are also compatible with most industry-standard photocells and motion sensors.
  • Cost Savings. Lumerica has the tools and experience to determine which applications are best suited for LED lighting, and has developed high quality, cost-effective products for many of these applications.
  • Made in USA. Lumerica’s roots date back to the year 2000. Years of experience manufacturing LED lighting products enable Lumerica to ensure high quality, long-lasting LED products.

Consider installing LED’s alongside infrared tube heaters when looking to transform any space. The efficiency of LED’s will provide cost savings, but savings can extend beyond that. Why rent a lift or other installation materials twice when everything could be installed at the same time? As with tube heaters, the maintenance costs with LED lights are low. These products have a long life with minimal upkeep needed throughout their lifetime.

The experts at Great Lakes Radiant are standing by to assist you in your next lighting and heating project. We assist with designing layouts, selecting products, and can refer you to trusted local installers if needed. Reach us by phone (888-501-0252) or email ( to discuss your heating and lighting needs.