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What Is A Modulating Tube Heater?


This month’s Great Lakes Radiant spotlight is the MP Series. Though the MP Series might look like any other low-intensity gas-fired tube heater, it’s what’s on the inside that really makes the difference!

Performance Modes

This Modulating Plus low-intensity gas-fired tube heater has multiple performance modes to choose from. The Comfort Mode allows the unit operation to minimize temperature differentials across the length of the heater. The Economy Mode more thermally efficient than other modes. The Standard Mode is a balance between the Comfort and Economy Modes and is moderately thermal efficient while minimizing temperature differentials.


A fourth, unique feature is the Blast Mode. This mode is exclusive to the MP Series and it allows the user to temporairily lock the heater into its highest input plus an extra 5,000 BTU’s for extreme environmental demands. With a heat loss that major, the Blast Mode puts those extra BTU’s to work warming the space and limiting the lasting effects of opening the doors.

Control Options

The MP Series has an exclusive control option as well, the PUI, or Premium User Interface. This control is more than just a thermostat! It has an advanced microprocessor smart logic controller than offers the optimal performance out of your MP Series heater. The PUI learns the climate of the room by zone. For example, if you have two heaters in the building at opposite ends that experience vastly different climates, the PUI can adjust based on when it reads temperature changes throughout the day. This feature allows the PUI to anticipate temperature differentials and saves time and headaches for those in the building. Don’t worry about forgetting to check the thermostat!

The MP Series is designed to have several heaters in the same zone to simultaneously modulate when connected to a single control device. This configuration requires one ‘Master’ heater that is connected directly to the heat control device, and the remaining ‘Slave’ heaters are to be wired to the ‘Master’ heater. The ‘Slave’ heaters will modulate based on the control signal from the ‘Master’ heater.


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