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Will Ceramic Infrared Heaters Provide Spot Heat?


Looking at covering a certain square footage area with infrared radiant heat? We at Great Lakes Radiant offer many products for those in need of spot heating. Whether you need portable radiant heat on the go, radiant heat for a residential or commercial outside/patio, or just need extra heat in a certain area like a warehouse… We can find you a solution.

DR Series

Consider the DR-Series from Detroit Radiant Products (DRP) Re-Verber-Ray™ line.  It was one of the first products that DRP ever produced in 1962, and is still being manufactured today! The DR is considered a “high-intensity” infrared heat solution. This is due to its exclusive ceramic burner head. Because of its ceramic material, this heater burns at an astonishing 1,700 degrees fahrenheit. This unvented heater is ideal for use in many applications including areas of high air filtration, high ceilings, and areas that need a certain spot (square footage) heated. The DR cannot vent exhaust gases outside (the gases are dumped into the space), so special consideration must be made to make sure you have enough fresh air flow throughout the space. Contact us for exact air flow requirement calculations. Lastly, these heaters are extremely easy to install – pre-assembled, with chain sets available – simply hang and hook up gas and electric. We also carry pilot light units that don’t even require electric!

Applications where this heater works best:

  • Required: High-Air Filtration, loose building (lots of doors and windows) 
  • A large warehouse where only a small section needs heated. 
  • Loading docks where the doors are constantly opening and closing. 
  • Shipping/Receiving areas close to the outside doors.


Portable Heat

Introducing the PT-Series. Think of it as a miniature DR-Series that mounts on top of a Propane tank, like the one you might use on your barbecue grill. These units also include mounting brackets, LP hose, and a regulator. What if you knock it over on accident? No worries, this heater includes a patented “Safety Tip-Over Ball Check.” It’s BTU options are much more limited in comparison with the DR. Pick one of these up with 16,000 or 32,000 BTU’s. 

Applications where this heater works best:

  • Construction site projects.
  • Emergency heat (no power required)
  • Storage areas/warehouses.
  • Unattached garages or Pole barns


Seasonal Solutions

We even offer a four season outdoor spot heating solutions! Consider Re-Verber-Ray’s DSCS-Series, a high-intensity outdoor/patio heater. This heater is all about luxury. It is specifically designed for comfort, reliability, and ease of installation. It features a decorative stainless-steel egg crate grill. Options include an all stainless-steel construction or a discreet, all black finish. Although decorative, no worries, the design is wind and rain protected, perfect for outdoor use.

Applications where this heater works best:

  • Any outdoor situation in need of heat such as patios.
  • Restaurant outdoor seating.
  • Outdoor bar and grille.
  • Valet