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How Do Radiant Heaters Look?


Detroit Radiant Products manufactures a wide selection of infrared tube heaters for a variety of applications. The first terms that come to mind when thinking of industrial heating equipment may not be “modern and sleek” or “aesthetically appealing.” But that’s what is so pleasently surprising about Detroit Radiant’s lineup. Great Lakes Radiant and Industrials is ready to assist with the proper product selection for your specific application. Let’s further explore some of the options to select from.

Best Seller

By far, our best-selling standard tube heater line is the HL3. This is a two-stage unit, and that means comfort for your large space. The two-stage units high fire to heat the space quickly and then remain on low fire to keep the space warm. This infrared tube heater line can reach up to 80ft and 200,000 BTUs and is easily adapted to most spaces. A premier line, the HL3 series has just what you need to keep your commercial space warm and comfortable for occupancy.

Patio Heater

Moving on to that VIP patio outside of your business, airplane hangar or casino, a great option is the HL2-DS. This unit is housed in a stainless-steel reflector with a decorative modular grille. Inside the housing you’ll find 28 linear feet of tubing within just a 16′ span. The burner box attaches easily, and the two-stage operation delivers an even heating pattern. For anyone wanting to extend the seasonal life, this unit is an unparalleled choice.

If you’re considering the HL2-DS for your patio, we can work with you to help design the layout and ensure that you’re getting the best heat pattern possible. We want to work with you through the process of project development and design and will answer questions every step of the way. If you’re on a time cruch, rush options can be available to get these heaters to you as quickly as possible.


Great Lakes Radiant keeps a variey of these in stock throughout the year. We have three fully stocked warehouses from which we can ship to anywhere in the country.

The time is now to make a move on infrared heat. Great Lakes Radiant and Industrials has what you need in stock now to keep your space warm throughout the winter. Give us a call at 888-501-0252 and we can assist you with design, layout, pricing, and recommend an installer if needed. We are your dedicated one-stop shop for infrared radiant heaters and year-around support for any questions you may have.