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What Are Common Parts for Infrared Heaters?


It’s October, and as temperatures turn cooler you will be relying more and more on your radiant heat source to keep your industrial or commercial space warm. Great Lakes Radiant & Industrials is always stocked with what you need.  Let’s explore a few common parts replacements as well as our commitment to stand behind the Re-Verber-Ray brand.

Common Parts


There are many parts inside of a burner box for a infrared tube heater. These items are among the most common parts requests we receive. When a customer calls in, we ask for the model and serial number of their unit so we can provide them with the correct part replacement. Without question, the two most common parts we receive requests for are a TP-55A, or blower fan, and a TP-50A, or glo-bar ignitor. We keep many of these on hand year around so there is never a worry about having to wait.

TP-351A Circuit Board

Some other common parts for tube heater burners include circuit boards, gas valves, and wiring kits. Of this group, we most often are shipping circuit boards for replacement after more than a decade of use. It is not uncommon for us to receive a call only to find out the heater is 30 years old. But don’t worry–we still have parts for these units!


Re-Verber-Ray offers competitive warranties on infrared tube heaters and their respective components. The warranties on our residential and economy lines are slightly different than for our commercial tube heaters. We also have options to extend warranties on certain components for an additional charge.


While we don’t service the systems ourselves, our experts can assist with troubleshooting, when necessary, to help you figure out exactly what’s going wrong. Our factory connections will provide next level assistance when it is needed. And, Great Lakes Radiant has excellent relationships with local service providers we can recommend if you need on-site assistance.

When you fire up your heater and find that it isn’t working properly, reset assured knowing that Great Lakes Radiant has your back. If you need to file a warranty claim, troubleshoot, order parts, or get a service provider recommendation, turn to us for help. We are always standing by to support you and ensure that your Detroit Radiant Products heater is in great working condition!