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Ohio Warehouse Update

Ahead of the coming cold winter season, Great Lakes Radiant’s Ohio office has installed a few displays in the warehouse. These displays are a testament to the power of infrared heating. Ken Friedrich, our Ohio infrared expert, has four units hung neatly in the warehouse. These displays include a DX3L-20-50, a DR30-NFS 120, a UH75, and a DSCD-34N. Let’s dive in and find out a little more about each heater and what it brings to the table.


The DX3L is a premier, single-stage infrared tube heater of the highest quality. This model has a specially designed stainless-steel burner and offers superior low intensity heat, as well as great performance and longevity. The display model pictured is a 20-foot, 50,000 BTU unit that focuses heat in the area of our warehouse where parts are stored, packaged, and shipped. The DX3L is paired with a TH-115, a rain-tight 24- or 120- volt thermostat for single-stage units. Most often, these thermostats are used in outdoor or car-wash applications where they could be exposed to water regularly.


Next, the DR30-NFS 120V is a 30,000 BTU, 120V gas-fired high intensity infrared heater belonging to the Re-Verber-Ray DR Series family. This space heater is one in a long line of the most popular unvented, gas-fired infrared heaters. These are commonly used in areas of high air filtration, spaces with high ceilings and in spot heating applications. The ceramic burner, coupled with the reflector, focuses intense heat right where you need it. The DR30 is paired with a TH-ET5, a single-stage electric dial thermostat. This is a simple control that can be used with various Re-Verber-Ray products.


Consider a DSC heater to add warmth to your patio. In the Ohio warehouse, we have a DSCD-34N display installed. These heaters are easily mounted and are designed for comfort and reliability. The DSC series is available in black-coated aluminized or brushed 430 stainless-steel housing. They deliver intense heat directly where you want with the ability to angle mount. This display is paired with a TH-DSTS1 thermostat, a single-zone, two-stage, low-voltage controller with an illuminated control knob. The dial features settings for “low” and “high,” which gives you the choice of the intensity of the heat and how fast the space gets warm.


Finally, if you’re looking for a gas-fired, induced draft hot air heater with a tubular exchanger, the UH series unit heater is an excellent choice. This heater is residentially and commercially approved for a wide variety of applications. This line features a low-profile design with a durable, power-coated black enamel exterior and stainless-steel louvers for the appealing, sleek look you want. A swept-wing impeller with finger-proof guards is exclusive to Re-Verber-Air unit heaters and contributes to minimual noise during operation.


Ken invites anyone interested to stop by during business hours and check out these displays to learn more about the product. Although these are only four of the many products offered by Detroit Radiant Products as a part of the Re-Verber-Ray and Re-Verber-Air brands, they represent a great snapshot of the benefits of infrared heat.

You can reach Ken by dialing 330-942-0396 or emailing [email protected] to find out more!