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Lunch & Learn

The quest for knowledge in 2019 knows no bounds, especially with information readily available at our fingertips via the internet. Still, there’s something to be said for an in-person learning experience. A classroom setting fosters a direct connection with the material and creates a space where questions can be asked, and answered, immediately.

Great Lakes Radiant will send a qualified member of our team to your location to facilitate continuing education for your workforce. We call these “Lunch and Learns.” Scheduled in cooperation with your company, these events are a great way to provide professional development hours for your technicians and salespeople.

Infrared Heat Theory

These sessions are all about spreading knowledge and understanding of the theory of infrared heat and other important aspects of installing and operating an infrared heater. The instructor will review the following material during the class:

  • Theory of Infrared Heat
  • Types of Infrared Heaters
  • Design Principles & Construction Properties
  • Safety
  • Efficiencies and LEED Credits
  • Installation & Operation

While these topics are all important to understand the value infrared heating provides, they are also necessary for another reason: customer connection. Customers who lack experience with infrared heat will have questions that your employees can now answer. And, if your employees need back up, you now have a trusted source of information and guidance in Great Lakes Radiant.

In fact, some of the most common mistakes and threads of misinformation can be countered by this training. Installation and operation mistakes can mean that the system is not performing properly for your customer, leading to decreased customer satisfaction and increased labor costs for you. False efficiency claims are rampant in the industry so understanding infrared versus thermal efficiency is key in combating this misinformation.

Display Kit

For those looking to take it a step further, Great Lakes Radiant can assist with setting up classroom time at the Detroit Radiant Products factory in Detroit, MI. In this format, not only do you learn more about infrared heat, you also have the opportunity to witness the manufacturing process of Detroit Radiant Products Re-Verber-Ray, Re-Verber-Air, and Re-Verber-Lyt lines. Manufacturing insight will create an unparalleled depth of knowledge for you to take back to your customers.

Don’t worry, these Lunch and Learns aren’t all work and no play. They are designed for the best experience possible, one in which we get to know you individually and you can get to know what we’re all about. This is the best no-pressure networking session you could attend–you walk away with knowledge and the capacity to improve your skill set.

No matter your experience level with infrared heat, this Lunch and Learn opportunity is a can’t miss! Gas-fired infrared tube heaters, ceramic face spot heaters, patio heaters, and even electric infrared are all included in this comprehensive curriculum. We will cover the topics listed above, answer questions, and provide reference material for future use.

Don’t miss your change to schedule a Lunch and Learn before the cold months creep up! Contact us today to discuss the perfect time and setting to host your next professional development Lunch and Learn event!

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