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Haier Ductless


The unofficial start of summer has come and now many people are starting to test their capability to keep their home cool and comfortable. While there are many options from which to choose not all have the compatibility necessary to meet several different needs. Customers looking to keep their homes cool want to know that they are selecting a product that is efficient and affordable, with minimal impact on the construction of the space. Great Lakes Radiant specializes in radiant heat to keep your space warm in the winter, but we also provide solutions for summertime heat! The Haier Ductless system is a great option for anyone looking to cool a space quickly.

Haier Ductless systems come with at least one indoor unit that is paired with a dedicated outdoor compressor unit. Installing Haier Ductless units allows you to change indoor climates from unbalanced and irregular to cool and consistent without any renovation work to install air ducts throughout the space. The work can often be completed by a professional in a matter of hours. Only an authorized certified HVAC contractor can install Haier units. Installing a mini split air conditioner is more advanced than that of a window or portable unit but far less complicated and costly than installing a central air conditioning system. Great Lakes Radiant and Industrials will recommend a trusted contractor to any customer looking to get an estimate on installation for these units. And, as part of our comprehensive service plan, we are always available for the installer or the customer with any questions that may arise during or after the installation process.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures air conditioning and heat pump efficiency. This rating is calculated using the cooling output for a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input during the same time frame. A higher SEER rating on a product denotes greater energy efficiency. The current United States government minimum rating for system is 13 SEER. With Haier Ductless, customers can experience up to a 28 SEER rating with their unit. But these systems don’t just keep you cool, they can also heat a space during the winter. Any system with a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) greater than or equal to a rating of 8 is considered high efficiency. Haier Ductless has you covered there as well with systems reaching up to a 13 HSPF rating.

Tempo Unit

Haier offers innumerable ductless options from which to choose. Among the most popular are the Flexfit and Tempo series. Both product lines offer a ten year warranty on parts and the compressor. The Flexfit system is designed with the ability to connect indoor units of different sizes to the same single outdoor compressor unit. For example, the same outdoor unit can be connected to highwall, cassette, and concealed indoor units applied in a single or multi-zone setup. Meanwhile, the Tempo system is a one-to-one match up of indoor and outdoor units at an economical price without losing the superior efficiency and funtionality of the Haier units.

WiFi enabled

To individually control the temperatue in separate rooms while reducing energy consumption is a goal for all multi-family housing units. In well built, historic housing, installing ductwork can mean destroying the integrity of history. For other long lived in homes, installing ductwork can be costly and not the best solution. The Haier Flexfit Multi-Zone system is a perfect choice for these applications. Consider your workshop/shed speace that always gets warm in the summer and could use a quick cool down on those hot days when outdoor projects are rampant. The Tempo Series would be an ideal solution for this application. These systems work well in any family home or light commercial space with a  cold air throw reaching up to sixty feet. All systems come with a remote control for the indoor unit and many of them are also WiFi enabled to control remotely via your smart device.

Thanks to their wide range of capacities, features and indoor unit styles, Haier Ductless systems can provide perfectly tailored solutions for many of the most popular residential and light commercial jobs. Great Lakes Radiant is always your go to for Detroit Radiant Products Re-Verber-Ray radiant tube heaters, but we also provide comprehensive service for customers looking to air condition a space during the warmer months. Consider a Haier Ductless system for your next cooling project and contact us for more information about how we can assist in keeping you comfortable during the entire year!

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