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Comprehensive Service

Great Lakes Radiant continues to dominate the radiant heating market by executing techniques which differentiate us from other available alternatives. We are a true one-stop shop that provides real integrated heating solutions. We offer a variety of services to compliment our products and ensure customer satisfaction. Without question, we have the most professional, polished, responsive and courteous specialists in the business. Coupled with Re-Verber-Ray, Re-Verber-Air, and other top of the line merchandise manufactured by Detroit Radiant Products, our company offers incomparable results. Great Lakes Radiant provides a comprehensive service plan before, during, and after the order has been placed.

AutoCad Drawing

When we receive a call from a customer we engage in a conversation by answering their questions and asking a few of our own. Many times, customers call with general inquires about our products when they are looking to heat a space but are unsure about what product is right for their application. Some of the things we seek to learn about an application include the construction and measurements of a building, its intended use, type of insulation, and any overhead obstacles that may be inside. Through the exchange, our specialists are jotting down ideas and starting to create the layout. During the design stage we create a visualized heater blueprint via either a hand-sketched or AutoCAD drawing.

Prior to fully completing a drawing, we work with the customer to select and/or recommend a product. Our experts want to know what the customer’s desired temperature is for the space. Based on this, and other information gathered, we perform a heat loss estimation to size up what type of system would be appropriate for the space. Computing the correct number of BTUs for the building based upon air changes, air flow, and desired temperature is important for several reasons. First, it helps distinguish between choosing, for example, a Re-Verber-Ray gas-fired infrared radiant tube heater or a gas-fired ceramic face spot heater. Second, when the design is complete, we ensure the heat is targeted to the appropriate locations to keep workers and workspaces warm rather than heating an entire space unncessarily which can lead to inefficiency.

Customer service doesn’t end once the order is placed. We regularly follow up once orders have been shipped to confirm the installation went smoothly and product performance is optimal. Our experts are always willing to travel to the jobsite to perform surveys and provide installation guidance when needed. Often, it can even be beneficial for us to visit the jobsite to further ascertain if appropriate application and installation guidelines can be met prior to a customer placing an order. When necessary, a specialist from Great Lakes Radiant can even visit the site to assist with troubleshooting the product.

Technical Support

How many times have you called a company for help only to be received by an unknowledgeable middleman who provides no assistance? Great Lakes Radiant eliminates the go-between by maintaining unparalleled technical support as part of our comprehensive service plan. As a factory-direct representative, our employees have received training and materials to expedite the troubleshooting process. We handle 95% of all technical calls in house. However, on the rare occasions that a customer requires next level support, we can conference in a factory engineer from Detroit Radiant Products to provide guidance. With this efficient approach, solutions are identified and implemented quickly.

Great Lakes Radiant always seeks to work with our customers in selecting the right product for the right application while delivering on our comprehensive service plan. We stock a full line of radiant heating products from gas-fired to electric, including outdoor patio heaters, for applications varying from large open spaces to small pole barns and residential garages. Our team of experts do all the heavy lifting in delivering a complete solution to solve any heating problem.

Call or message us now to learn more about our process and how we can work together to create a memorably warm experience for you or your customers. Great Lakes Radiant looks forward to partnering with you on your next project.

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