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Can I Heat My Patio With Radiant Heat?


Patio heaters are the secret weapon that so many have already discovered! Great Lakes Radiant & Industrials offers multiple lines, designed to fit the need for heat in your specific space. As with most of our product lines, these heaters are not only attractive to the eye, they are also versitile. Let’s explore the various options a patio enthusiast can choose from.


SW Series

In the short-wave electric infrared category are the SW Series and the DGS Series. Short-wave electric heaters produce both heat and visible light. The SW Series is available with a variety of design choices including size, casing, and color. Other benefits of this unit include highly efficient energy transfer, lower moutning heights, and they are certified for outdoor and indoor use.

DGS Series

The DGS Series, another short-wave electric, emits heat along with a red tinted light into your space. The reflector on this unit, which is custom designed, focuses heat right where it is needed most in any application. The DGS has a weatherproof, aluminum extruded body, and a visibly sleek appearance. Like the SW, the DGS is rated for indoor or outdoor patio use and has three wattage options to suit a variety of needs.


MW Series

The MW Series is visually similar to its “cousin” the SW Series, however there are notable differences. First, the MW Series produces noticeably less visble light, while still emitting heat. Like the SW, the MW also offers options in various sizes, casings, and colors as well as being a compact, visually pleaseing unit with high energy transfer and low mounting heights. These units are also ETL certified for indoor or outdoor use.

DSS Series

The DSS Series produces medium-wave, instant heat with the use of new technology: carbon lamps encased in an IP55 rated, compact, slim, black enclosure. This heater comes with a remote control that allows users to switch between four functional power settings. A timer feature is part of the remote too.



The HL2-DS  has been designed specifically with the outdoor market in mind. This gas-fired low-intensity patio heater delivers an even heating pattern through its 16′ (24 linear feet of tubing) span. It is made with a decorative, modular grille to fit smoothly, and sleekly, into any outdoor space. This model has two-stage operation, meaning it gives the user more control over keeping their outdoor space comfortably warm during air temperature changes.

DST Series

The DST Series has a highly decorative, stainless steel housing that completely encases the system, even the burner box. This unit is 10′ (30 linear feet of tubing) in length, though it has the most radiant surface area of any 10′ radiant patio heater available on the market! The DST Series offers Smart LED Self-Diagnostics which allows users to determine issues at the floor level using the LED diagnosing lights. This gas-fired low-intensity option is certified for indoor and outdoor commercial applications as well as outdoor residential applications.


DSCS Series

The DSCS Series is a gas-fired high-intensity option offered for patio environments. It features a decorative stainless steel windscreen eggcrate grille with a wind and rain protected design. The unit is available in a black-coated aluminzed or brushed 430 stainless steel housing. As with the gas-fired low-intensity options, the DSCS Series is available in natural or propane gas.



When you’re looking to extend your patio season, it’s important to consider all the options. As discussed, Great Lakes Radiant offers a multitude of affordable choices under the Re-Verber-Ray line manufactured right here in the United States by Detroit Radiant Products. You can find much more information on our website, and discover the information reviewed, along with extras, by checking out the various product brochures. For more information, reach out through the Contact Us page and let us help you design your patio space for a year-around experience!